Get Betty for Your Guests

Betty brings beauty services to your guests in the comfortable setting of their room. Your customers don’t have to run around finding an appointment to get ready for an event, party or a business meeting.


Betty offers blowouts, manicures, and makeup (coming soon) services on-demand.


Traveling with beauty products can be a chore. Finding an appointment for beauty services is difficult enough in your home town. Betty provides services that your customers can trust without the need to travel to an unfamiliar salon.

Betty Offers You:

  • On-demand services
  • Convenience; stylist come to your customers’ location
  • A low and flat price of $34.99 per service*
  • Licensed and experienced stylist partners
  • Betty performs background checks
  • Value add service for your clientele
  • No infrastructure burden

* Rates for multiple services are available.

On-Demand Beauty Events

Create blowout, manicure, and makeup events for your guests or group accounts of ten or more. Betty provides beauty services while you focus on delivering an enhanced experience to your valuable clientele.