Frequently Asked Questions

What is Betty?

GetBetty is an on-demand beauty services company that allows you to request blowouts anytime, anywhere through our iPhone and Android app. When you decide you need a service, the GetBetty app will locate a stylist near you and within minutes, the selected stylist will show up at your door ready to make you look your best.


Who are the Betty Stylists?

GetBetty stylists are all licensed and passionate about their careers in beauty. We have created a community of stylists through our app platform that creates a new opportunity for stylists in Chicagoland, allowing them to earn extra income while controlling their own schedules, network and have fun learning from each other.

We conduct background checks on all stylists and ensure they have experience at top salons in the Chicagoland area in addition to providing GetBetty specific training.


Is Betty safe?

Yes! We vet every GetBetty stylist by doing trials with real customers, an extensive interview process, background check and a reference check.


How does Betty work?

  • Download our app
  • Create an account
  • Enter payment information (We use Stripe for privacy and security)
  • Select the location where you want service (We are providing services in the downtown Chicago area)
  • Select the level of service you would like (Updos take longer!)
  • You have 5 minutes to cancel without being charged for service
  • Prepare for service
  • Get your service
  • Quickly tip and pay your stylist (Don’t forget to rate them!)
  • Tell your friends!


I downloaded the app but there were no stylists near my location—what do I do?

We are currently recruiting more stylists and hope to be in your area soon. Send us a note at to let us know where you are and we will get to work!


How do I get ready for my Betty appointment?

For blowouts, wash your hair prior to your appointment and have a place to sit near an electrical outlet so we can plug in our hairdryers. Our stylists come armed with tools and products but if you have a specific product you love, be sure to have it with you so we can use it. Also, let your stylist know if you have any allergies or special concerns so we can address them.


Can I select my Betty professional?

Your Betty stylists is currently selected for you based on availability and distance. In the future you will be able to favorite a stylist in order to request them. Please feel free to let us know what you want by emailing us at

We promise to listen! Also, sign up for our newsletter for updates and promotions. 


What services can I request on Betty?

Right now, we offer on-demand blowouts. Manicures and makeup application will be available soon!

Other ideas for services? We’re all ears! Email us at


How much should I tip my Betty professional?

We recommend a 20% gratuity but it’s up to you. All payment is processed through the GetBetty app adding to the convenience of the service.


What is Betty’s cancellation policy?

We know things happen and plans can change which is why GetBetty services can be requested and delivered within minutes instead of an appointment booked hours or days in advance. However, if you request a service and need to cancel, you have five minutes to cancel within the app to avoid being charged.


When can I request a Betty service?

Our stylists are on-demand and available at most times. That said, we want to hear from you! Tell us when services are most convenient for you and we will let our stylists know so that they are available when you open the app.


What phones do we support for making appointments?

The GetBetty app is available for download on iTunes and Google play, supporting all iPhones and Android devices.


Help! I am at the office and need a blowout but don’t have anywhere to get my hair wet.

It’s okay- while wet hair is recommended, it is not necessary! We are happy to do styling on dry hair.


I love Betty. How do I promote your service?

We’re blushing- thank you for the love! If you want your friends to have the convenience of GetBetty at their fingertips, you can invite them to check out our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page or post on your own social media pages. Don’t forget to tag us and use #GetBetty!


How do I contact Betty?

You can contact our customer service via email or phone. Here is our contact info:
Phone: 773-850-0168


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